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Calligraphy Supplies Guide for Pointed Pen Beginners

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

A list of supplies that I have used to get started in pointed pen calligraphy.

Are you the one who is really excited about different strokes, flourishes, beautiful forms of the letters

& can’t wait to start your calligraphy journey ??? Well, it is so exciting to start something new but you could easily get disappointed when you don’t find the proper supplies or don’t know where to buy them.

So I have decided to write this article to share all the supplies that I used to get started & the supplies that I am using these days for pointed pen calligraphy. I hope it will help you to choose the correct tool & start your journey comfortably into this beautiful art. So let’s jump right in!

There are 5 basic supplies that I recommend : Paper, Holder, Nib, Ink & Ink Jars



I generally practice on plain paper & draw lines by myself. I get immense satisfaction in drawing lines, it’s super relaxing but if you don’t want to do that, I totally get you. There are 2 types of paper plain as well as ruled. You can use any one as per your comfort. Experiment with various papers to decide what works best for you.

If you are the one who likes to work on separate sheets of paper then go for JK Cedar Paper They are of a good quality. You can also try Brustro Papers. Just don’t forget to mention the dates so that you can track your progress.

Rhodia pads are of equally good quality & they come in both types plain as well as ruled. Choose the one as per your preference.

You can also use our own Ink n Bliss Practice Pads for copperplate or modern or calligraphy. Our papers are so good that you will end up writing more.

Using a good quality paper is very important for a good writing experience. You want to produce best results without ink bleeding or feathering. So you better invest in it since beginning.


HOLDER (Calligraphy Pen)

There are two types of holders straight & oblique. You can absolutely start with a straight holder. I used Cretacolor straight holder for so long even for commercial work. Now I use oblique holder a lot these days but I still love using straight holder sometimes for a change.

If you want to go for Oblique holders then there is a lot of variety available. Generally they are a little expensive compared to straight holders but are totally worth it. We have a range Wooden Oblique Holders for beginners. They are extremely light weight, durable & perfect for beginners.

Of course as a beginner you probably don’t know which holder to select but remember it’s not the straight or oblique holder that makes calligraphy beautiful but its all about how comfortable you are using it. So once you buy your desired holder practice as much as you can & get familiar with it so that you can determine your own preference.