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A Little Walk Down The Nostalgia Lane

A couple of decades before becoming the founder of the calligraphy & design studio, ‘Ink n Bliss’,  

a little girl was once in fact founded by calligraphy. Something about a beautifully handwritten word she had seen on

a wedding card moved her. Was it the whiff of its fresh ink? Was it the grace that its curls and swerves carried? Or was it simply the very life that the word breathed into the card? Her fertile, young mind brew the possibilities

of the magic she herself could create with this kind of art form


Years later, after pursuing art and calligraphy from a prestigious college, she would do exactly that. What was initially

started as an art form, now metamorphosed into something much bigger and more blissful. Calligraphy became her way of life. A reason for her living. Her endeavours, perseverance and love for her craft led to the creation of her calligraphy & design studio ‘Ink n Bliss’.


 Now, with her timed breaths, steely veins and calm hands, she creates calligraphic artworks for weddings, events, and an ever-growing clientele of luxurious brands such as Christian Dior, Jo Malone London, Massimo Dutti, Chloe, Ralph Lauren, Estee Lauder,  Taj Mahal Palace & Ambani's to name a few. With her determination & persistence she became the first woman of India to receive the prestigious IAMPETH certificate (Proficiency in Engrossers Script & Proficiency in Spencerian Script). Regardless of these extraordinary achievements She lends her personal touch and warmth to every artwork she creates. And the childlike curiosity that she has always had still drives her to experiment more with the medium and create new, enriching experiences for all, every single time. 


With ‘Ink n Bliss’, you will not just be receiving a delectable piece of calligraphic art,

you will be receiving a piece of that little girl’s heart.


Yours personally,

Founded by calligraphy. Founder of Ink n Bliss.

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