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This Nibs set is designed to offer a range of pointed pen nibs used by beginners as well as seasoned calligraphers. You can select up to 5 nibs depending upon your choice or try your hand at each of these. The set includes Nikko G, Hunt 101, Hunt 22, Principle EF & Blanzy 2552. 


Also, your precious nibs will arrive in a super cute storage tin. It is extremely light weight & travel friendly. It has a safety cushion from all the sides to save your nibs from damage. Carrying your nibs anywhere just got a bit easier!


If you are buying this for the first time & want to know which pointed nib is the best, then there is no correct answer. It’s truly a matter of personal preference. We will suggest trying your hand at each of these to find your favourite nib.

Nibs with Storage Tin

  • Nib Quantity : 5 nibs of your choice

    Tin Size : L 80mm x W 50mm x H 15mm

    Colour : Silver

    Closure Type : Sliding Tin

  • Actual colours may vary slightly from what you see on the screen due to different monitor settings.

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