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Make your own walnut ink by using these walnut crystals. This is a lovely sepia tone ink you can use for practice or for finished work. It holds well in a dip pen & is highly recommended by calligraphers all over the world.


This pack contains 5gms of crystals sufficient to make 50ml ink. Please check the video above to understand how to make walnut ink. This way you will get the rich brown colour ink. To get a light brown effect you can also thin it with more water.


Whenever you are doing any experiments with ink, do them in a small quantity first so that you won’t end up ruining the whole ink

Walnut Ink Crystals

  • Ink Crystals Quantity : 5gms

    Colour : Sepia

    Glass Jar Size : 4cm(h) x 4cm(w)

  • This product includes only crystals. If you need Glass Jar & Dropper please select that option while placing your order.

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