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Start your copperplate journey today with our traceable copperplate practice pads. It covers instructional information on basic strokes, lowercase alphabets, connecting letters, forming words & sentences to give you a complete understanding of this beautiful script. With step by step guidance, you can practice & learn on your own. Whether you are a beginner or you have been practicing for a while, these thoughtfully designed practice pads will help you build your confidence in writing copperplate script.


Copperplate Practice Pad (Traceable Lowercase Letters)

    • A 70 pages pad with instructions
    • Covers recommended tools & basics
    • Traceable Basic strokes 
    • Traceable lowercase letters with instructional arrows & break up
    • Traceable words & pangram to help you understand connections
    • Basic Flourishing
    • Spiral bound on top for easy tearing
    • Ideal for daily practice
  • These pads are printed on tried & tested calligraphy paper with Black Sumi , Vermillion Sumi & Walnut Ink. You may experience slight bleeding with other inks. However we recommend to use calligraphy inks over fountain pen inks.

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