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Marble Surface

What you’ll learn :

  • Introduction to copperplate tools

  • Preparing your tools for writing

  • Warm up exercises

  • Lowercase fundamental forms

  • Exploring calligraphy through patterns

  • In-depth lowercase study

  • Letter variations

  • Connecting letterforms

  • Writing words & sentences

  • Basic flourishing

  • ​Recipes for gorgeous calligraphy (BONUS)

What is included :

For this workshop you can register with or without calligraphy tools.
If you are a complete beginner you can opt for our kit which includes:

80 pages Copperplate Calligraphy Workbook
1 Oblique Holder
2 Nibs : Nikko G + Hunt 101
Walnut Ink Crystals
Glass Jar
Personalized Namecard

If you already have basic calligraphy tools you can opt for ‘workbook only’ while registering & we will send you only our workbook.

(Kits will be delivered only to the participants of India. Currently we are not shipping internationally)

Important Things :

  • It’s a Live online one on one class

  • Approximately 2 to 2.5 hours long lessons

  •  Date & Time Flexibility

  • More personal attention

  • Frequent feedback for learning

  • Extra time in between 2 sessions, so that you can practice more

  • This workshop has an option to register with or without tools

  • Registered students will receive a meeting link prior workshop

  • It’s an interactive class so all questions are welcome

Note : No refunds will be offered on non-attendance.


Is this class for absolute beginner?

Yes, this course is designed for a complete beginner. It covers everything right from your posture, sitting arrangement, tools preparations, warm up exercise to basic flourishing. You can join even if you have never done calligraphy before.

I want to learn lowercase & uppercase together. Is that possible ?

Copperplate is a structured script & there is so much to learn just in lowercase itself. If you learn lowercase & uppercase together in 1 workshop, it will be a loads of information for you. Hence we suggest to do lowercase first, get confident about it & then join us for the uppercase class. We aim at building a strong foundation step by step.

Do I need to know Copperplate?

Absolutely not. I will introduce you to this elegant script step by step. 

Can I learn calligraphy even if my handwriting is bad? 

Yes, absolutely. Handwriting & calligraphy are totally different things. You don’t need perfect handwriting to learn calligraphy. I know many amazing calligraphers whose handwriting is not so good.

What materials do I need?

All the materials are included in the workshop. If you already have calligraphy tools, you can opt for ‘workbook only’ & we will send you just the workbook.

Copperplate Script Part 1

(Lowercase Letters)

Live One on One Online Course via Google Meet

4 to 5 Sessions

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