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Marble Surface

What you’ll learn :

  • Introduction to copperplate tools

  • Preparing your tools for writing

  • Warm up exercises

  • Lowercase & Uppercase fundamental forms

  • Exploring calligraphy through patterns

  • In-depth letterforms study

  • Letter variations

  • Numbers & Symbols

  • Connecting letterforms

  • Writing words & sentences

  • Basic flourishing

  • ​Recipes for gorgeous calligraphy (BONUS)

What you’ll get ?

  • 4 Live sessions with separate time for Q&A

  • Digital handouts designed for this workshop

  •  Access to a private, student only Facebook group to support your learning

  • Messaging support throughout the course (You can share work pics & ask any questions anytime)

  • Access to recordings for a month (until 22nd June)

What is required ? 

You need to have following material to attend this workshop

  • Oblique Holder, Pointed Pen Nib & Ink of your choice.

  • Practice Sheets
    (We will send you digital workbooks. Keep printouts ready before the class begins. You can take colour or B&W printout. Take 10-15 printouts of the last page, as we will need it more for practice.)

I will use Hunt 101, Oblique Holder & Walnut Ink for this class. If you are a complete beginner, I will recommend to purchase ‘Copperplate Starter Kit’ from our website or from any of your favourite shop. If you already have some tools & are looking for only nibs or holders or just walnut ink or practice pads, these are also available separately on our website under Shop section.

Important Things :

  • It’s a Live online workshop

  • Each lesson will be approximately 2 hours long

  • Registered students will receive digital handouts to download & print

  • Zoom Meeting link will be shared 1 day prior workshop

  • Bring your own favourite supplies to the class

  • Personal feedback is provided

  • Q&A Sessions at the end

Note : No refunds will be offered on non-attendance.


Who is the ideal student for this course ?

This workshop is great for beginners as well as intermediate level students who want to improve their skills.

Do I need to know Copperplate ?

Absolutely not. I will introduce you to this elegant script step by step.

I have learnt copperplate calligraphy on my own. Can I still join this workshop ?

Yes you can. Even if you already know copperplate calligraphy, do join to add a bit of a polish to your copperplate. It’s a Live class, so you can get all your queries resolved on the spot.

I have learnt lowercase from you. Can I still join the workshop to learn only uppercase ?

Absolutely. I am glad we have already done lowercase together. It will be a lot more fun to learn uppercase too. We are also offering FLAT 30% discount for previous students. So you will revise your lowercase learnings & you will learn uppercase also. Use code INB30 at the time of registration to avail this discount.

What supplies do I need?

Nothing fancy. Just grab your favourite pointed pen supplies & be ready with all the enthusiasm. You will get digital handouts from us. If you are completely new the world of calligraphy, do check out our ‘Copperplate Starter kit’.

Can I learn calligraphy even if my handwriting is bad?

Yes, absolutely. Handwriting & calligraphy are totally different things. You don’t need perfect handwriting to learn calligraphy. I know many amazing calligraphers whose handwriting is not so good. 

Copperplate Script

(Lowercase Letters + Uppercase Letters + Numbers)

Date : 14, 15, 21, 22 May

Time : 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM (IST)

(Join LIVE or watch the recordings whatever suits you)

Discussion Day : 28th May | 6.30 PM to 8.30 PM (IST)(On this day, I will be answering all your questions & will be giving feedback to each one of you )

Price : Rs. 5999/-

(If you have already learned lowercase from me, use code ‘INB20’ to get Flat 20% OFF. Offer is valid to only those students who have learned lowercase with me before.)

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