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Marble Surface

What you’ll learn :

  • Exercises for improving pen control

  • A detailed study of lowercase
    Fundamental Forms

  • Understanding the structure of copperplate strokes

  • Tips & tricks for spacing

  • An understanding of what makes copperplate different than modern

  • Exploring consistency through patterns

  • Practicing with purpose & goals.

Important Things :

  • It’s a short online Live class

  • The focus is on lowercase fundamental strokes

  •  After signing up you will be provided with guide sheets
    to download & print

  • Registered students will receive a meeting link prior class

  • Please note that our focus is on getting better at what you already know,
    so detailed study of a to z letterforms is not involved.

  • Q & A session at the end

  • Bring your own favourite supplies for the class

  • If you are a complete beginner, we suggest you to join our 3 day
    beginner workshop where we cover everything right
    from holding the pen properly, prepping nibs & ink, correct posture etc.

Sold Out

Note : No refunds will be offered on non-attendance.


Who is the ideal student for this course ?

This workshop is for students who have already learnt copperplate calligraphy & want to improve their skills.  If you are a complete beginner, then we suggest to join our

‘Copperplate Script Part - 1’ workshop.

I have learnt copperplate calligraphy on my own. Can I join this workshop?

Yes you can. If you already know copperplate calligraphy & you have the tools then join the workshop to give a bit of polish to your copperplate.

What supplies do I need?

Nothing fancy. Just grab your favourite pointed pen supplies & be ready with all the enthusiasm. You will get digital handouts from us.

What materials you’ll need ?

Just grab your favourite supplies like holder, ink, nib & keep some extras with you

like water, tissue or cloth, rough papers, pencils etc.

I will use Hunt 101, Oblique Holder & Walnut Ink for this class.

Refine your Copperplate 

(Lowercase Letters)

15  & 16 May | 11 am to 1pm (IST)

Live Online Class via Google Meet

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