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Marble Surface

What you’ll learn :

  • Warm up exercises

  • Uppercase fundamental forms

  • In-depth uppercase study

  • Exploring calligraphy through patterns

  • Connecting letters & Writing words

  • Numbers & Symbols

  • Letter variations

  • Recipes for gorgeous calligraphy (BONUS).

Important Things :

  • It’s a Live online workshop

  • Each lesson will be approximately 2 to 2.5 hours long

  •  Registered students will receive a printed workbook 

  • Meeting link will be shared 2 days prior workshop

  • Personal feedback is provided

  • Q&A Session at the end

Sold Out

Note : No refunds will be offered on non-attendance.


Is this class for absolute beginner?

This is an intermediate level class where we will cover copperplate uppercase basic forms, detailed study of A to Z letters, uppercase variations, numbers & symbols. If you are a complete beginner we suggest you to join our ’Part 1 - Lowercase Letters’ class.

I want to learn lowercase & uppercase together. Is that possible ?

Copperplate is a structured script & there is so much to learn just in lowercase itself. If you learn lowercase & uppercase together in 1 workshop, it will be a loads of information for you. Hence we suggest to do lowercase first, get confident about it & then join us for the uppercase class. We aim at building a strong foundation step by step.

I have learnt copperplate lowercase letters somewhere else.

Can I still join your uppercase workshop?

Why not ? If you already know lowercase & you are confident about your lowercase strokes then I would love to take you on uppercase ride.

Can I learn calligraphy even if my handwriting is bad? 

Yes, absolutely. Handwriting & calligraphy are totally different things. You don’t need perfect handwriting to learn calligraphy. I know many amazing calligraphers whose handwriting is not so good.

What is required ?

You need to have following material to attend this workshop

Oblique Holder
(of your choice)

Pointed Pen Nib
(Nikko G, Hunt 101 or your favourite pointed pen nib)

(Walnut, Sumi or any other calligraphy dip pen ink)

Uppercase Workbook 
(We will ship you 80 pages printed uppercase workbook)

Copperplate Script Part -2

(Uppercase Letters)

26, 27 & 28 November| 11 am to 1pm (IST)

Live Online Workshop via Google Meet

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