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Copperplate Script Part 2

In- depth study of Majuscules (Uppercase Letters)

27, 28 & 29 November (3 days) | 11 am to 1 pm IST  | Google Meet

This is a LIVE online workshop. Each lesson will be approximate for 2 hours. You will need a high quality internet to join the class. The Google Meet link will be shared with you few hours prior to the workshop.

What you’ll learn?

Segment 1

  • Brief Introduction to different scripts

  • Getting started with Copperplate

  • Introduction to Copperplate tools & how to prepare them

  • Warm Up Exercises

Segment 2

  • Uppercase Fundamental Forms

  • Exploring calligraphy through Patterns

  • In depth Uppercase Study

  • Letter Variations

Segment 3

  • Connecting Letterforms

  • Writing Words & Sentences

  • Word Spacing & Writing Rules

  • Basic Flourishing

  • Recipes for gorgeous calligraphy (BONUS)

Includes Calligraphy Kit


Copperplate Workbook, Oblique Holder, Hunt 101 + Blanzy 2552 Nibs

Walnut Ink Crystals, Glass Jar & a Personalised Namecard

(Register before 21st November to get all the supplies deliver to you in time.

Kits will be shipped to the participants of India.

For international students we will provide the digital copy of our workbook.)


You will also get


Homework each day

One on One feedback on your work

Q & A time for each session


Note : This workshop is non refundable once the registration is complete.

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